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  About Healthcare Supply Solutions, Inc. (HSS)

Healthcare Supply Solutions, Inc. (HSS) is a pure wholesale Master Distributor serving healthcare product re-sellers across the continuum of care.  As a Master Distributor, HSS provides manufacturers and distributors alike, a full range of supply chain efficiencies including sales, marketing, and third party logistics.  From our state of the art distribution center in Jacksonville Florida, we distribute products from a wide variety of manufacturers to distributors and re-sellers worldwide.


The pressures to control costs throughout the Healthcare Supply Chain are enormous.  Our Customer Value proposition is this:

  • We provide proven products from reputable manufacturers
  • We have no dues or membership fees
  • We provide competitive pricing with favorable terms & condition of sale
  • We provide dependable and reliable service on all orders
  • We ship multiple products from different manufacturers in a consolidated shipment to you…with one purchase order, one packing list, and one invoice combined with a single customer service point of contact
  • We reduce your total supply chain expense

For our supplier partners HSS offer’s an equally valuable proposition:

  • HSS customers represent multiple distribution channels for medical and surgical products across the healthcare continuum of care
  • HSS serves as an extension of the supplier's own sales and marketing team
  • HSS suppliers enjoy the supply chain efficiency and transportation savings of making single large shipments to HSS
  • HSS suppliers enjoy a reduction in administrative supply chain costs by transacting with HSS
  • HSS suppliers receive complete sales tracings for all transactions
  • HSS offers a full menu of third-party logistics services
  • HSS reduces your total supply chain expense


Our 104,000 sq ft warehouse in Florida



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